We’re Celebrating 25 Years in Business



Joyce has over 20 years of diverse multifamily construction experience. She began her construction operations career in Estimating and worked her way up to Senior Project Manager before advancing to Division Manager. As a Division Manager, she oversees the operations of multiple multifamily projects throughout their lifecycle. Her team-oriented leadership philosophy empowers her people to work together, communicate often, and move in the same direction. Together they anticipate challenges, identify solutions, and always think ahead to the next phase of a project, which delivers positive results for her clients. Joyce is an active participant in LandSouth’s Mentorship initiative, encouraging the next generation to grow professionally and achieve their future goals. Her commitment to deliberate communication and desire to collaborate makes her well-respected both with her team and her clients. Joyce attended the University of North Florida, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and postgraduate studies in Construction Management.  She holds a Florida Certified Building Contractor license and is a Home Inspector license.