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Building Value Through Employee Development

Building Value Through Employee Development

Transforming ideas, Building Communities, Developing People. For LandSouth Construction, those are more than words on a website. They are the words the people of LandSouth live by and what drives them every day. It’s the mission of LandSouth.

It all starts and ends with the people. People are the key to LandSouth’s success. People dream the ideas and build the communities. LandSouth has made the commitment to develop the people. Just ask Brian Dooley, Organizational Development Manager, who oversees LandSouth’s expanded employee development program. Brian and several teams at LandSouth have worked diligently to develop and implement innovative programs that make the most of the talents and expertise that exist at LandSouth – all focused on bringing out the best in LandSouth people.

Over the past several years, LandSouth leaders have put an increased emphasis on training and employee development. The competition for talent and experience becomes tougher as the industry boom continues. A commitment to developing and educating employees provides three major benefits:

1. Attracts talent and expertise to LandSouth.

2. Expands the talent and expertise at LandSouth.

3. Keeps the talent and expertise at LandSouth.
There are dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of training programs available. The choices are practically endless. But few met the needs and objectives of LandSouth’s development program. Some trainings were required, such as several OSHA trainings, but many dealt with leadership, project management, and other less tangible areas. Which trainings would deliver the best results and meet the needs of LandSouth employees?

Expertise and experience abound at LandSouth. What better way to develop talent than to tap into the talent that was already there? The leaders of LandSouth have years and years of experience – both in the construction industry and at the company. Through this approach, LandSouth could utilize its internal knowledge and train employees and future leaders with information that was relevant to the LandSouth ways of doing things. This will lead to consistency and the status of excellence associated with LandSouth.

A successful training program must be focused. LandSouth has established three primary tracks to target the training to best develop employees.

Field Leadership Training will help develop the LandSouth leaders of the future. This training is mandatory as all employees are in line to be leaders and leadership is a core value at LandSouth. The field leadership training will focus on the following areas:

• The importance of communications

• Problem-solving

• Informed decision making

• Delegation and the importance of trust

• Accountability
LandSouth University has been the go-to for LandSouth employees to further develop their skills and stay up to date on industry trainings. LandSouth University will continue to offer new trainings and courses that employees can complete on their timeline. Topics and expertise levels are tailored to the needs of employees. LandSouth University continues to be a driving force in the development of LandSouth employees.

Procore Training provides LandSouth employees the knowledge and skills to make the most of LandSouth’s newest tool to deliver best-in-class developments. In 2021, LandSouth adopted Procore Construction management software to improve their overall construction management process – from quality to budgets to timelines, and more. To make the most of this software, LandSouth offers in-depth training to employees who will utilize Procore.

Development won’t be limited to these three tracks. At LandSouth, there is also an increased focus on mentoring. As beneficial as a solid training program can be, sometimes there is nothing like that one-on-one relationship to help employees reach their full potential. The future mentor training will teach rising leaders how to best connect and develop their teams, providing individual attention and guidance to maximize an employee’s potential.

The employee development program at LandSouth is unique. It’s tailored and personal and makes the most of the expertise at LandSouth. But it’s the faculty that takes it to the next level. While other companies often bring in outsiders to train employees, LandSouth leaders are committed to training employees the LandSouth way, imparting their hard-earned wisdom and developing the next generation of LandSouth leaders.

The success of any company, regardless of industry, is dependent on the people who do the work. Those people rely on their leaders to provide the tools, information, expertise, and guidance to deliver best-in-class work. Developing talent from within benefits the employees and LandSouth. People are prepared to manage situations and have the information to make decisions. Prepared employees who grow within LandSouth can advance their careers at LandSouth. LandSouth becomes a desirable place to work and stay.

Develop and value your people and the value will return to the business.

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