LandSouth Leadership Series – Dan Garner

LandSouth Leadership Series – Dan Garner


Meet Dan Garner, LandSouth Division Manager with almost two decades of experience. He joined LandSouth in 2020 as a Project Manager and quickly proved his ability to lead – leading two projects, Summerhouse and Bivona, to win LandSouth’s prestigious Project of the Year award.

As Division Manager, Dan lends hands-on support to his five current projects, with two more on the horizon. He enjoys traveling to the projects monthly and getting to work directly with many of LandSouth’s diverse Field Teams and Project Managers. Through the years, he has worked at all levels and knows what it takes to get the job done in the field and in the office. He enjoys collaborating with an entire team, which can lead to teaching moments, and ownership by everyone involved to deliver a quality project.

When Dan visits projects, he engages with the Field Teams and listens to any issues and sees how he can help. He works closely with his Project Managers keeping their projects on track with consistency in implementation and processes. He knows how important support is and his door is always open. He enjoys helping his team learn and work through obstacles and offering guidance, as others have done for him throughout his career.

While working at a previous company, Dan worked with a Project Manager named Steven, who taught Dan the importance of details and how to look at information with a deep perspective. This helped him immensely when he became a Project Manager himself. Bob McDonald, LandSouth’s Vice President of Operations, has also been a mentor to Dan. Bob’s no-nonsense nature and “get it done” attitude resonated with Dan, and they share a common understanding of leading by example and the importance of collaboration and hard work.

Dan’s perseverance and rising through the ranks parallel his background in achieving the prestigious Eagle Scout honor in his youth. He applies overcoming challenges, finding solutions and determination to do well at LandSouth, and encourages others to do the same. Compared to the previous company he worked for, Dan believes something that stands LandSouth apart from other construction companies is the level of support and resources the company offers to help develop people and pave a path to success. That support helped him achieve the Division Manager position in January of 2023.

When LandSouth’s People Development initiative launched a Beta Mentorship Program in 2022, Dan quickly volunteered to participate. He was paired with Will Hamilton, Project Manager, and the two hit it off so well that they continued the Mentor/Mentee partnership through the program’s official launch in January 2023. Dan listens to Will and offers insight through his experiences, challenges, and successes. He wants Will to grow by making his own decisions and enjoys collaborating and sharing different perspectives during their meetings. As this phase of the Mentorship program is ending this summer, Dan is excited to continue mentoring others at LandSouth. He believes developing co-workers and their talents for future leadership positions is important.

While Dan is very committed to life at LandSouth, he enjoys time with family outside of work. He and his wife have two young children, a boy and a girl. He is also an avid hiker and a passionate photographer. Dan captures the beauty of landscapes and nature in the great outdoors.

As far as the future of LandSouth, Dan sees a strong foundation of forward thinking paving the way to a solid course for the next twenty-five years. He will continue to be a part of the People Development initiatives to develop employees and make the company stronger and more collaborative in all areas. It is easy to understand how Dan’s hard work has shaped his career – his service, discipline, motivation, and leadership carry over to his current role, and LandSouth is better having him on the team.