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LandSouth Leadership Series – Joyce Englander

LandSouth Leadership Series – Joyce Englander


The construction industry is about results, how successful and efficient one is at their job. Joyce’s career trajectory reflects just that mindset. Over her 35-year career, Joyce worked her way up from the administrative side of construction to the operational side, learning and expanding her experience and expertise along the way.

During her five-year tenure with LandSouth, Joyce has advanced from project manager to senior project manager to now division manager, leading teams and guiding projects from start to finish. She’s a resource for her team – enabling and empowering them to learn and identify solutions. She learned from some of the best and uses those lessons to help her team grow and prosper. She’s both a sounding-board and a teacher. What does she share?

  • The importance of thinking ahead and preparing for the next phase of the project
  • Anticipating challenges and identifying potential solutions
  • How to see the big picture and understand how things fit together
  • Knowing and appreciating the consequences and rewards of one’s actions

Joyce credits this approach and outlook to mentors and teachers throughout her life and career, starting with her very first mentor – her mother. Joyce and her sisters learned from their mother that nothing was impossible for them, that they could do and be anything they wanted. That kind of encouragement guided Joyce. Another mentor, Kathy Garrison, a manager from a previous company, furthered Joyce’s ambition and helped her move to the operational side of construction. Kathy was a take-charge, no-nonsense woman, who earned the respect of everyone around her.

Mentors, experience, and a commitment to excellence led Joyce to her current leadership role, but what drew her to LandSouth? It’s the same things that Joyce believes paint a bright future for the company: great reputation, repeat clients, strong demand, and excellence in execution. When asked what she loves about LandSouth, Joyce’s answer is simple, “Everything.” It all starts with the leadership team. Through empowering employees and their caring approach to leadership, LandSouth leaders bring out the potential in their teams and solidify the company’s upward growth. This leads to people who are generous and forward-thinking. For Joyce, few embody these ideals more than the people she calls her mentors at LandSouth – Jason Cromer, Bob McDonald, and Kenny Walker. They have guided and supported her.

Joyce’s vast experience and caring approach has led to her team-oriented leadership philosophy. Teams work together, communicate often, and move in the same direction. Through it all, Joyce continues to learn and discover new ideas and ways of doing things, whether at work or through the many outdoor adventures she and her family enjoy.

Men and women alike helped Joyce seize opportunities. Never did she experience significant resistance because she was a woman. Joyce learned that delivering results always makes the biggest difference. She did her job well and earned the respect she deserved. From Joyce’s perspective, women continue to bring a great deal to the construction industry, and nothing more important than the commitment to deliberate communication and the desire to collaborate.

Thinking of entering the construction industry? Joyce has some advice – for everyone. Find the opportunities, be willing to work hard and learn, and get ready to enjoy the journey.