Building Ideas with a New Standard of Excellence

At LandSouth we specialize in multifamily, senior living and mixed–use construction in the Southeast. We are fueled by a desire to collaborate with our clients and help make their projects successful. For us, Building Ideas is not just a catchy tagline, it speaks to how we approach each project. Unlike other general contractors, we understand land development and how to integrate seamlessly into the many different processes and disciplines involved in the successful execution of an intricate multifamily, senior living and mixed–use development. We don’t want to just build you a building…we want to partner with you, hear your ideas, and be part of bringing those ideas to life. Our process begins in the Project Planning phase. We have found that our early involvement produces the best results for our clients. Projects run smoother, go up faster and stay within established budgets. By involving our team before construction even begins, we can collaborate with you and your architect to identify potential challenges and remove those challenges before they become costly construction changes. Our approach is tried and true and our process has propelled us to be the 13th largest multifamily general contractor in the United States.

Our Process

Project Planning

Project Planning is the first and one of the most critical phases of your project. Whether it’s senior living, multifamily, or mixed–use, you will be assigned a team of industry experts that will collaborate with you, your equity team and your architect to define all goals for the project. This gives us the opportunity to anticipate potential problems before we start moving dirt or laying foundation. By assessing the project early–on we can give you the benefit of design–build collaboration at the best possible price.

  • Site Evaluation
  • Design Team Coordination
  • Budgeting
  • Contract Management
  • Preliminary scheduling


Once we have moved beyond the Project Planning phase we will begin Pre-Construction on your development. During this phase, the reality of your project will start to come into focus. Our estimating team will establish your project cost and complete their subcontractor due diligence. By specializing in multifamily, senior living and mixed-use construction we have buying power with a large network of top quality subcontractors that other general contractors do not. You will receive the benefit of these savings as well as the peace of mind knowing vetted and established subcontractors will build your development.

  • Project Scope Definition
  • Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Subcontractor Qualification
  • Construction Buyout


This phase is where the rubber meets the road. Once we begin construction on your development, it is full steam ahead to completion. We employ an advanced integrated systems approach, using the highest-efficiency digital technology to maximize productivity, while minimizing time and waste. This results in a higher quality, more efficiently produced and defect-free finished product. We also easily integrate various systems used by our clients to compliment the process. Your Project Manager will be your constant point of contact along with your Superintendent and their field team. They will ensure every stage of your project runs seamlessly from ground breaking to final punch.

  • Construction Management
  • Safety Management
  • Scheduling
  • Quality Assurance
  • Contract Administration